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Massage Therapy

At Nava, therapeutic massages are tailored to optimize your experience and intended to complement our integrative services. Offering countless health benefits, massage can increase circulation, relieve depression and anxiety, improve sleep, bolster the immune system, reduce stress, and more. Our licensed massage therapists are rigorously trained in: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Trigger Point, Compression Techniques, CranioSacral, and Energy Work.

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Need to recharge your health?
Look no further.

Over time, you may have lowered your expectations as to how your body is supposed to perform or how good you can feel. You have settled for a state of well-being that is less than ideal. At Nava, we strongly believe that you don’t have to settle. Ever.

That is why Nava has created a revolutionary method for maximizing wellness that transcends traditional approaches. Whether you live in Maryland, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia or anywhere in the U.S., our medical practitioners will help you navigate your individually-tailored wellness plan and Nava’s team of practitioners consisting of Physicians, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Certified Nutrition Experts, Massage Therapists, and Life Coaches can help you recalibrate and live to your full potential. Whether you are challenged by weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, pain, digestive issues, menopause, or a decline in sex drive, a blend of Nava’s treatments and therapies, based on a well-developed health and wellness program, can help resolve your issues and improve your health. Read more

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Nava Resources

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    A holistic health practice with a location in Chevy Chase expects to open soon in White Flint, with plans to expand to other parts of the country as well. Nava Health and Vitality Center, which also has a location in Columbia in addition to Wisconsin Circle in Chevy Chase, plans to open an office on Old Georgetown Road in the Pike & Rose development in September, according to CEO Bernie Dancel. The company also plans to open an office on M Street in Washington, D.C., in May. Read more
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About Nava

Nava Health and Vitality Center will introduce you to a new side of total body wellness. Our revolutionary approach to integrative wellness draws from Eastern, Western, and alternative methods, while its foundation is grounded in science, and developed from years of clinical experience and proven principles. Our goal is to improve your health and overall wellness so that you can function, feel, and look your best at any age. Our health and wellness programs address a wide variety of issues; however, we do so by treating your whole body, instead of just isolating the systems of your body that seem most affected. Read more